AC Life App

I registered for the flight but it doesn't show that I'm listed on the flight in the AC Life App.

Answer: The AC Life App is only available for the day of your flight and the day after. You won't show as listed until you actually check-in at the airport at the Kiosks or by other methods.

Can you provide screenshots of the App and how to navigate it?

We have some limited screenshots online under the APP - Step-by-step Menu item. Click here to go to that Menu item.

I have a tablet Samsung Galaxy tab S2 powered by Android... can I get this app to work on my tablet ..or is it just the phone option?

The App should work on all fairly new devices (I believe this Tablet was released in 2015). Check the page at Getting the App which we will update when we get a confirmation. See the Installation Instructions as well.

Can you list all the devices that it works on and doesn't work on?

We have information regarding this on the Get the App page. The app shouod work on all newer (64 bit devices).

Wonderful App - dowloaded fine. Now I want to use it and it will not accept my booking reference? Any suggestions?

It will only take your booking reference if you are traveling the same (or next) day, so if you attempt to enter it earlier then it will not accept it.

Downloaded the app on my IPhone 5. Now unable to login. Which password do I use: the employee travel site or acaeronet

You would use the same user name (employee number) and password that you use for the ACaeronet. Active employees can use their email address.

The app will not recognize my pnr # and name does not appear on standby list.

The App is made primarily for the day of your flight. If you have booked at a future date it won't show up until the day of your flight.

I tried 3 times to download to my iPad. Each time it responded with 'could not be installed'

This usually means your device is not compatible with the App because it is not a 64-bit version. See our "Get the App" page for more information.