How to get the App

This App is only available from the ACaeronet App Store at and is not available from Google Play (Android Devices) or the Apple Apps Store (Apple Devices). You will be required to log-in to the ACaeronet, if you need help, then click here.

  • You can access the app by clicking here or visiting on your mobile device. Note: You will get an error if you attempt this from your Desktop Computer.
    Click here to download App
  • After logging in to ACaeronet, the page will automatically identify your device and suggest the appropriate download option for your device (iPhone, Blackberry, Android).
  • The download file is quite large (as Apps go) and is 25 MB or so. It may take a while to download it depending on how fast of an internet connection you have. On slower connections, it could stall or "time out."
  • The App does not work on older devices (Android or Apple). It will not work on anything that is not a 64-bit device. For 32-bit vs 64-bit explanation click here.
  • If you're not sure if you have a 64 bit Apple Device or not, you can check by visiting Blake's iOS Device Specifications Grid at


The ACLife App is being upgraded quite often. If an upgrade is available a notification will "Pop up" on your device asking if you want to upgrade. Say yes and you will be directed to login to the ACaeronet to initiate the download. Use your ACaeronet employee number and password to access the download.