General Information & Features

Last updated - June 30, 2018

The AC Life App is only available to those that have permission to use it. It is not open to the general public. As a general rule, if you have access to the ACAeronet site (as most Air Canada employees and retirees do), then you also have access to the app. The AC Aeronet site is at If you ever forget where this site is, just Google "ACaeronet" and it will come up with the link to the (publicly accessible) website where you can then log in.


 Flights and Availability - Check for flights and standby availablity in real time. green checkmark25x25

green checkmark25x25Air Canada News - (news can be saved to read at a later date).

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Flight Search Calendar - shows a colour-coded legend informing the user if a flight is direct, connecting or if there's no service.

green checkmark25x25Discounts - you can now check for discounts (Business and Personal) for Hotels and Car Rentals (more discounts planned in future updates).

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MyIDTravel -  there is now a direct link to MyIDTravel (it maintains your login status and knows who you are).

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Baggage Search - locate your baggage straight from the app.

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ETS Link - Direct Link to the Employee Travel Site (maintains your login, no need to login again)

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Lucile Travel Bot - Ask "Lucile" questions about dress code policies or any other Air Canada travel policies.

green checkmark25x25Check-in page - You can now access the check-in page directly from the Menu.