• To download the AC Life App, you will first need to have a login to the AC Aeronet. If you don't have this, then you cannot access the AC Life App.
    If this is the case, your next step is to:
    (1) Ascertain that you are eligible (check our ACaeronet Support Page for assistance).
    (2) Reset your login if you are eligible (check our ACaeronet Password Reset Page for assistance).

  • Please note the Disclaimer on the ACaeronet Login page: By accessing this Air Canada site, you are confirming that you are authorized to do so and that you will abide by Air Canada's Code of Conduct, Yammer Use Policy and its Information Security Policy. Links to the Code of Conduct and Information Security Policy are available by clicking on the links provided. If you are not an active employee, you can't access Yammer, so don't worry about it.