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You can login to the ACaeronet at: https://acaeronet.aircanada.ca


We are aware that many retirees rarely access the "Aeronet" (or never have) or don't remember their login. It's important that you have access to this website as it's your gateway to everything that is "Air Canada" and contains an abundance of information for you. If you need to contact Air Canada in any way, it's your first step in order to do so.

The "Aeronet" is updated frequently and can provide access to the following (and more):

  • The Daily
  • Horizons
  • Employee Milestones -
    (Anniversaries, In Memoriam, Retirements)
  • Pension Update
  • Access and Update your personal information
  • Pay Statements
  • HR Connex Pension Information
  • Tax Slips
  • Health and Dental Claims 
  • Benefits summary
  • Claimsecure Access
  • Employee Travel site (link)
  • Checklists (death)
  • Letter of Salary
  • Letter of Retirement
  • Submit Health/Dental Claim
  • Employee Discounts

ACaeronet Password Reset

Last Updated July 2, 2018

Note: On the login page there is a tiny link to reset your password which is difficult to notice and is usually missed by most people. (see images below)

ACaeronet login

Enlarged to show detail

ACaeronet login (enlarged)

Clicking on the link "Forgot or change password" will take you to a "POP UP" that will provide information on how to reset your password (see below).

Login Help

ACaeronet Retiree Login Help
To log in, use your username (e.g. ac123456) and your password. After logging in you will be redirected to HR Connex and have access to numerous features including The Daily and Horizons, the Employee Travel Site and HR Connex all in one place.

Please note that typically, if you have logged in previously, you do not need to reset your password as you can retrieve it (see below).

If you have other password related issues, call the IBM Help Desk:

  • Montreal
    From any location in the Montreal area, call (514) 422-HELP (4357)

  • Rest of North America - From other locations in Canada and North America (including the United States) call toll-free 1-866-274-5444

From the following Caribbean countries: Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Jamaica call toll-free 1-888-541-4790

If you cannot access the toll-free number, call Air Canada directly at (514) 422-HELP (4357)
** Note: Charges apply and country code; local provider dialling specifics are applicable.

If you KNOW your employee number and have previously logged into the Aeronet, then there is an easier way to obtain access immediately without contacting anyone, etc. If this is the case, then click on "Forgot or Change Password" and you will be redirected to a page where you can have a new password sent to your email address. This only works if you have an email address on file with Air Canada.