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The ACFamily Network was created in 2000 when the initial Forums were created for Air Canada active employees and retirees. This web site is not operated or funded by Air Canada but we do provide information of interest to Air Canada active and retired employees. In the past few years Air Canada has implemented their own internal "Yammer" component for active employees but there is no equivalent venue for retirees. We hope to provide this service within this site and associated web sites that we partner with.

The ACFN has had Its ups and downs over the years. At the height of its history had about 10,000 registered users. Below is chart showing the present status of the ACFN. The sites shown with an asterisk have been created but are no live yet as we need to finish the layout and start adding content. Presently the Forums, Obituaries and the NetLetter are online.

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    ACFamily Network Gateway

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      * ACFN Archives

Note: Web sites with an Asterisk (*) are presently not online.